About Us

Queensland Lithotripsy Services is based at Brisbane Private Hospital, on the well known medical strip – Wickham Terrace – in Spring Hill, Brisbane.

Brisbane Private Hospital (formerly Holy Spirit Hospital) has been a major Lithotripsy centre since 1990. This made it an ideal location to set up an orthopaedic clinic.

Our Brisbane based Orthopaedic Lithotripsy clinic was set up in 2000 and as such has been running now for over 17 years, with regular referrals from Specialists, GPs, Physiotherapists and Podiatrists.

jane1Queensland Lithotripsy Services clinic uses the ONLY dedicated, ultrasound guided machine in Queensland.

Your treatment is not done in conjunction with any other treatment, it is a dedicated lithotripsy treatment.

Our clinic is available for patients with many different tendon inflammatory conditions.

Plantar fasciitis is the most common condition treated with consistently good success, we also treat many other areas.

Overall we have treated nearly 5000 patients with varying conditions, with very successful outcomes, despite having tried many other options such as anti-inflammatories, cortisone, orthotics, strapping, stretches etc to no avail. When you next visit your doctor ask for a referral for Queensland Lithotripsy in Brisbane and our friendly staff can assist you in scheduling an appointment.

When you next visit your doctor you will need to ask for a referral to Queensland Lithotripsy Services, Brisbane and our friendly staff can assist you in scheduling an appointment.

Please note, WE DO NOT treat any areas around the spine, nor do we treat any arthritic problems. We are a specialised and dedicated tendon clinic.

At Queensland Lithotripsy Services, our focus is your health – we want to see your quality of life returned to you, as tendon inflammation can be a very debilitating and depressing condition.