The Treatment

ESWT (Extra Corporeal Shockwave Treatment) is a non-invasive procedure used for treating a number of painful orthopaedic conditions. The procedure is widely used in other states throughout Australia and overseas and is also available in Queensland at Brisbane Private Hospital.

The Extra Corporeal Shockwave Treatment procedure offers significant benefits to patients since treatment times are short, no anaesthesia is required and side effects are limited.

epos1Queensland Lithotripsy Services is available for patients with many different tendon inflammatory conditions, some of them involving calcium deposits because of that persisting inflammation, despite having already tried various other options such as anti-inflammatories, cortisone, orthotics, strapping, stretches no avail.

We will aim to treat the cause of your pain which is inflammatory, so that you can get back to normal daily activities. We have had consistently good results treating these problems with Shockwave Treatment here in Brisbane. We continue to get regular referrals from a growing base of doctors, physios and podiatrists, so if you need our services acquire a referral from your GP today.

Most of your improvement will happen after completion of treatment, with follow-up calls to you over a period of weeks post treatment to assess how you are progressing.

Our Clinic uses the ONLY dedicated ultrasound guided machine in QLD.

At our clinic, your lithotripsy treatment is not secondary to or in conjunction with any other treatment, it is a dedicated Lithotripsy treatment. Lithotripsy is more commonly known as ‘Shockwave Treatment’.

The Dornier EPOS Ultra equipment is specifically designed to treat shallow depths where the tendons lie and is focused using ultrasound scanning to determine the exact position/depth of the tendon. The machine produces a soundwave through a small water cushion (see picture below) which is then focused onto the tendon area. There is often a small “core” of inflammation that is worse within that area so we also position with patient feedback as to where their pain is usually at its greatest.

Read in more detail how the Machine works here.


Your initial visit includes a detailed consultation to explain in detail what to expect and how it all works, then you will proceed with your first treatment (please alllow all together about 45 mins).

Each session after that should take about 30 minutes per area. You will need to allow longer if you require e.g both feet treated as we can only treat one tendon at a time as it focuses specifically on the area of problem.

We do not take self referrals, so a referral from your doctor or allied health professional (physio or podiatrist) is required.